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Attached properties to access parent Loader from loaded Item?

  • Are any properties attached to the item loaded by a Loader that would facilitate access of the parent Loader properties from the loaded Item?

    As an example, I would like to dismiss a loaded item on a button press. The item is loaded within the scope of the Loader so Loader properties can be accessed directly. Thus I can set sourceComponent = undefined within the loaded Item and that works. But what if I wanted to set the Loader opacity to 0 for instance? I cannot directly set the opacity (unlike sourceComponent) because that applies to the opacity of the specific QML element within the loaded Item. I can do loaderName.opacity = 0 and that works, but that ties the Item to a specific Loader.

    Just like a ListView is accessible within its delegate, is there anything analogous for Loader? If not, is there any idiomatic way to access parent Loader properties from a loaded Item?

  • It looks like the easiest way to accomplish this is to inject a property into the loaded Item by simply defining it on the Loader itself:

       Loader {
           id: myLoader
           anchors.centerIn: parent
           property alias loaderOpacity: myLoader.opacity

    Now loaderOpacity can be used to change parent Loader opacity from the loaded Item.

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