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How to draw curve with arc?

  • Hi All,
    I'm sharing the code, Using this code drawing half circle(curve ) how to add arrow at the end of this curve ?
    Or is there other way to draw curve with direction/arrow. but I'm drawing this curve inside the circle so i think using radius its better way.
    CHPlotCurve--derived from QwtPlotCurve class
    CHPlotGraph2D-2D Graph derived from QwtPlot

      for (int irows = 0, maxI = table1->rowCount(); irows < maxI; ++irows)
          double x1 = table1->data(table1->index(irows, 1)).toDouble(&ok1);
          double y1 = table1->data(table1->index(irows, 2)).toDouble(&ok2);
     QVector <double> ax,ay;
     for (double angle = 0; angle <= 3.2; angle += 0.00314)
                  double ax1 = x1 + (r / 2) * cos(angle);
                  double ay1 = y1 + (r / 2) * sin(angle);
                  CHPlotCurve* arc = (CHPlotCurve*)pGr->insertCurve("arc", CHPlotGraph2D::Line, false);
                  arc->setSamples(ax, ay);

    Thankyou. Your answers are welcome

  • How to draw like this ?


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