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Qt Include paths when using conan

  • We build Qt as a conan-package. During the build we redefine MODULE_VERSION = major.minor.patch.build_number inside .qmake.conf in every QT_MODULE

    CONFIG += warning_clean
    QT_BUILD_TREE = $$shadowed($$PWD)
    MODULE_VERSION =  # major.minor.patch.build_number

    Because of that we end up with unnecessary build_version number in the include paths.

    include\QtCore\  // .234 is unnecessary 

    We use such approach to version binaries:

    The question is how to keep binaries versioning AND get rid of build_number from include paths:

    include\QtCore\5.12.5`.234`  //wrong
    include\QtCore\5.12.5  //OK

  • You build Qt only once as third party lib, right? If yes, why is the build number added in the first place?

  • @JoeCFD no not once. we are building it with custom patches. so we have to increment the build number

  • This post is deleted!

  • Are you using cmake or qmake, or both?
    I think you can get env QTDIR on windows.
    Include path of Qt is set automatically. If your path with build_number is used, simply use QTDIR + build_number to add include path in the pro file explicitly. As long as the include path is set properly, it should not matter where it is located.

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