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[SOLVED] Building Qt Statically Windows (Setup wrong?)

  • Just a little background, I have created and deployed some applications in Linux already and have built them statically successfully. I am trying to do the same thing in windows but I am having some issues with building Qt itself statically.

    I have installed the QtSDK and designed my application in the QtCreator in Windows (as I did in Linux). The compiler I am using is mscv2008(Qt SDK) (as it shows in my build options).

    I am able to run my application in debug mode through the creator and test my application successfully.

    Now, when I go to build Qt Statically, I cd into the directory where the Qt sources are located, and try:
    .\configure -static -platform win32-mscv2008 (which is shown in the drop down boxes in the build menu)

    I tried to follow the directions from the Docs on deploying statically on windows from nokia (since it worked perfectly on linux using the gcc compiler and qmake)

    1. It gives license option
    2. It asks me to accept agreement
    3. It flags an error:
      Creating: qmake...
      Execute: file or path is not found (nmake)
      Execute: file or path is not found (nmake)
      Cleaing qmake failed: return code -1

    This leads me to think that I might not have the right platform? Do I have to install nmake?

    Or I am not really sure what is going on here since it builds successfully in the debugger...

  • There are several articles about this issue at our wiki. I'll recommend you to check paths and to have a look at "Build Standalone Qt Application for Windows":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/Build_Standalone_Qt_Application_for_Windows.

  • I thank you for the link to the extremely helpful article. Now this leads me to yet another question. To get full functionality out of the compiler, do you recommend using the Visual Studio plugin for Qt? or is using Qt Creator just fine for this application. Do you still have full design capabilities when using the VS plugin? (all gui elements etc.)

    I thank you again for the article.

  • I did end up figuring it out. My envoirnment variables were linked to my non static version of Qt. This fixed my mscv2008 command prompt issue as well. Thanks for the link!

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