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Printing file content (text) on a text browser

  • Hi,

    I've a basic question. I do the follwoing to display file content in a textBrowser:

     QString name = "log_file_"+pLabel+".txt";
        QFile file(name);
        QTextStream instream(& file);
        while (!instream.atEnd()){
                QString line = instream.readLine();
                qDebug()<<line; // I can see all the lines here 
                ui->textBrowser->setText(line+"\n"); // Here only the last line is printed 

    in the above snipet

    ui->textBrowser->setText(line+"\n"); /

    Only prints the last line of the text, whereas I need to print whole contents on the text on textBrowser. Can you spot a mistake here?

  • @russjohn834 Hi,
    please look more closely at your code.


    You call setText() with a single line only.
    You could either use setSource() or read the whole content of the file and then setText().

    I imagine using setSource() would eliminate the need for the QFile and related.

  • @artwaw is correct.
    An alternative is to use append instead of setText

  • @artwaw Thanks a lot for pointing it out. I replaced readLine() with readAll(), and it works!

  • @VRonin Thank you!, that also works :)

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