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Qt Quick 3D Pick and QML Draw Order

  • I ran into an interesting result when drawing multiple Model mesh imports in a View3d container. It appears as if the order that the Models are inserted in the QML file effects the View3D::pick behavior. All of the models display properly, but some items are blocked and cannot be picked even though they are clearly visible. Rearranging the Model blocks in the QML file resolves the issue. Eventually, I will need to create dynamic items, and I can see this being a major headache.

    It is well understood that the order QML objects affects the draw order of 2d components of common things like rectangles, buttons, etc..., but why does the creation order affect the ability to pick objects in the OpenGL realm? Is the pick method not implemented using the depth field and/or ray casting? Is there a way around this without rewriting the pick method?

    Qt 5.14.2

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