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Qml/C++ debugging not working in qtcreator

  • Hello,
    I am working on an app which mixes C++ and qml. I am using qt 5.15.1, targeting android platform.
    The kit uses the Android Debugger (Multi-Abi NDK 21.3.6528147), Qt 5.15 for Android.
    The debugger works perfectly well in Qml, but no way I can make it stop on a breakpoint in the C++ part, even in the first lines of the main.cpp
    Of course, I have checked that both Enable c++ and enable QML checkboxes are ticked in the Run parameters of the project.
    Any idea to solve this is welcomed !

  • HI,

    I found the solution : the android debugger mentionned above was compiled using the ncurses5 library. In recent ubuntu distribs ncurses6 is installed. The solution is to install ncurses5 along with sudo apt get libncurses5.

    Works perfectly now !

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