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Heob stacktraces hard to understand

  • Hello,
    I'm new to qtcreator and even more for using Heob plugin. I have memory leaks on my project and i want to see where it comes from that's why I decided to use Heob (im on windows). Things are working fine but I can't understand Heob stacktraces in 'Memcheck' window (cf capture), maybe I missed something in heob's configuration, that's why i need your help :)

    using: QtCreator 4.14.2/ Qt 5.12.2

    (This capture shows one of the stacktrace but all are similar)

  • Looks like your executable is built without debug info.
    And if you're using gcc, you'll need the dwarfstack dlls (there should have been a warning for this).

    Also, heob can also output a flamegraph svg file (if you prefer), just add this to the Extra arguments: -vleaks.svg -g2

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