Announce : AdaStudio-2021 release 07/05/2021 free edition

  • I'm please to announce AdaStudio-2021 new release,
    based on Qt-6.1.0-everywhere extended with modules : qtconnectivity qtgraphicaleffects qtlocation qtmultimedia qtsensors qtserialbus qtserialport qtwebchannel qtgamepad (qtscript and qtwebengine - work in progress )
    Qt 6 is new long time project and I hope to solve this problems in next releases.

    Qt6ada version 6.1.0 open source and qt6base.dll ,qt6ext.dll (win64),, built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 x64bin Windows, gcc x86-64 in Linux.

    Package tested with gnat gpl 2020 ada compiler in Windows 64bit , Linux x86-64 Debian 10.4
    Qt-6.1.0 everywhere opensource prebuilt binaries for win64 and x86-64 are included into AdaStudio-2021

    In new AdaStudio release was added new module qt6opencvada based on OpenCV 4.5.2 for camera capture,recording,transmite and receive.
    qt6opencvada supports face detection and recognition. OpenCV-4.5.2 binaries prebuilt for win64 and x86-64 and included to AdaStudio

    AdaStudio-2021 includes next modules : qt6ada,vtkada,qt6avada,qt6cvada and voice recognizer.

    Qt6Ada is built under аGNU GPLv3аlicense

    Qt6Ada modules for Windows, Linux (Unix) is available from
    Google drive (It can be mounted as virtual drive with ExpandDrive), go to Adastudio directory and load index.html to browser.
    [Link removed ~kshegunov]

    Directory is
    AdaStudio - root
    qt6ada - qt6ada components
    qt6.1win64.tar.bz2 - Qt-6.1.0 win64 prebuilt
    qt6.1x86-64.tar.bz2 - Qt-6.1.0 x86-64 prebuilt
    qt6adademos.tar.bz2 - qt6ada demos
    qt6adasrc.tar.bz2 - qt6ada packages
    qt6adawin64.tar.bz2 - qt6ada win64 binaries
    qt6adax86-64.tar.bz2 - qt6ada x86-64 binaries

    qtavada - qt6avada components
    qt5avadasrc.tar.bz2 - qt6avada packages(qt5avada packages)
    qt6avadademos.tar.bz2 - qt6avada demos
    qt6avadawin64.tar.bz2 - qt6avada win64 binaries
    qt6avadax86-64.tar.bz2 - qt6avada win64 binaries

    qtopencvada - qt6opencvada componenets
    opencv_4.5.2.win64.tar.bz2 - OpenCV 4.5.2 win64 prebuilt
    opencv_4.5.2.x86-64.tar.bz2 - OpenCV 4.5.2 x86-64 prebuilt
    qt6opencvadademos.tar.bz2 - qt6opencvada demos
    qt6opencvadasrc.tar.bz2 - qt6opencvada packages
    qt6opencvadawin64.tar.bz2 - qt6opencvada win64 binaries
    qt6opencvadax86-64.tar.bz2 - qt6opencvada x86-64 binaries

    voicerecognizer - qt6ada voicerecognizer components
    qt6speech2textwin64.tar.bz2 - qt6voicerecognizerada win64 binries
    qt6speech2textx86-64.tar.bz2 - qt6voicerecognizerada x86-64 binries
    speech2textdemo.tar.bz2 - qt6voicerecognizerada demos
    speech2textsrc.tar.bz2 - qt6voicerecognizerada packages

    vtkada - vtk6ada componenets
    vtk-9.0.0.win64.tar.bz2 - VTK 9.0 win64 prebuilt
    vtk9.0.x86-64.tar.bz2 - VTK 9.0 x86-64 prebuilt
    vtkada9qt6.tar.bz2 - VTK 9.0 Qt6 modules prebuilt
    vtkadademo.tar.bz2 - vtkada demos
    vtkadasrc.tar.bz2 - vtkada packages
    vtkadawin64.tar.bz2 - vtkada win64 binaries
    vtkadax86-64.tar.bz2 - vtkada x86-64 binaries

    The full list of released classes is in "Qt6 classes to Qt6Ada packages relation table.docx"а

    If you have any problems or questions, tell me know.


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