Steer flow of displayed pages on external data triggers

  • Hi,
    I've implemented feature with one Controller item containing 5 items (each item is template for 2-4 pages, so with states I can display ie. 15 different pages).
    With backend I'm communicating with ONE slot (ControlRequest) and react to changes on ControlResponse property.
    There's demand from design team to implement 3 different flows (Wizards). Those 3 flows are triggered by user click or specific ControlResponse.

    Currently I've done it with one giant Connections on ControlResponse property. To distinguish what page to show - I check received ControlResponse, what item is visible and in what state it is. Sometimes I need to store additional bool flag to remember what flow is followed.
    This solution is difficult to maintain and/or modify.

    What are other solutions for this demand? One idea was I thought to use different Connections (enabled when given flow is identified). Someone told me that JS has premises (but this feature it's unknown to me).
    Working examples are most valuable.

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