GNU GDB debugger Type not recognized problem

  • Hello! folks,
    I need the help of the genius people of this forum, there is a red balloon on the debugger side. which stops my GNU GDB from functioning as you can see below please help me out in removing that red balloon
    and when I typed gdb --version in cmd it gives a syntax error but when the gcc--version is typed it shows the output.

    before being stumbled upon this situation 'I had installed python 3.7 and MinGW separately and added their path manually before installing Qt' as I am new to Qt and software development, I need all your support.

    Thanks in advance:)
    your friendly Zeero

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    How many versions of MinGW do you have installed ?

  • only one version of mingW

  • Thanks a lot, SGaist

    And forgot to mention I figured out the solution to my problem. I had over-specified 'pythonpath in the 'system variable' of the advanced setting which caused the gdb to be unrecognized. when I removed the pythonpath ("something that separately prioritizes language environment") completely then it detected gdb in cmd and Qt. I hope it will help somebody with the same problem. the partial credit goes to a post in StackOverflow which mentioned gdb won't function if the python environment mistakes the actual path even though both normal path and pythonpath are derived from a single installation and single location (which in my case was the python 3.7 only nothing else). The root thing goes to gdb dependency on python scripting extension as was mentioned in Qt guide of debugger installation.
    Here goes my windows


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