Using min-gw compiler

  • Hi ,

    I am new to QT for MCU. I have min-gw complier and don't have MSVC on my windows system. I have configured the the desktop simulator kit with the Min-gw compiler but i get a cmake error as :

    error: Unknown CMake command "qul_target_qml_sources".
    error: Please install package for QT CMakeLists.txt:5 (find_package)

    Does that mean that the QT libraries are not compiled with the min-gw compiler? Because in the C:\Qt\QtMCUs\1.8.0\lib\cmake\Qul\QulTargets, i find cmake files for the MCU (QulTargets_STM32F769I in my case) and for QulTargets_QT_msvc ( i think for the desktop kit). Should there be a cmake file for min-gw as well?

    Any leads here would be appreciated.


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