The best way to 'wrap' QKeySequence? [ABANDONED]

  • Hello. I'm going to add the invocation of Qt shortcuts FROM THE MOUSE into Qt5, and I'm not sure how to migrate the current QKeySequence class.

    Alternative 1: A new parent wrapper, 'QInputSequence' containing the current class, plus new classes for 'QMouseSequence' and 'QCombinedSequence'. (The second being for shortcuts which involve a mouse button WITH keyboard click of a 'regular' key; the modifier keys are easily handled in QMouseSequence directly.) This makes slightly more sense for adding future devices, such as TV remote controls and IR game controllers.

    Alternative 2: Put these new classes INSIDE of the existing QKeySequence. This would make enumerations (StandardKey, SequenceMatch, and SequenceFormat) available to the children auto-magically, without keywords to change their scope.

    What seems best, and why?
    Quick and Dirty answers would be great, I'm looking only for a general suggestion.

  • BTW, discussion of the enhancement itself is at:

    But that discussion is mostly settled- enhance the existing structure, not build-from-scratch-using-Dbus.

  • Neither. The concept of 'Mouse Shortcuts' is best handled at the Desktop and KApplication layers, not down inside Qt.

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