.ui file changes not applied to executable after compiling

  • Hi All,
    My platform: Linux Kubuntu 14
    QT Version: 4.8

    I am working on a project which consists of several .cpp files.
    Most of these files include .h files that were generated from .ui files desgined via the qt designer tool.

    The steps taken to build the project as follows:

    1. qmake -project
    2. qmake [file].pro
    3. make clean
    4. make mocables
    5. g++ compiling command

    This generally works fine for me generating the (.so) files and executable as intended. Changing .h or .cpp files and building again will generate the updated executable.

    My problem is as follows:
    If changing the .ui file (I have only one in this project), via qt designer tool (and saving the changes), and running the build process again - the changes are not seen when running the executable.
    Only when deleting the .ui's corresponding .h file and building the project again, the executable that is generated consists the changes that were performed on the .ui file.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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