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otherway aroun: how to call qml function from javascript file?

  • Hello guys,

    im looking for a way to call QML function from inside of JS file, so lets say I have this:


    ApplicationWindow {
        id: mainWindow
        width: 480
        height: 800
        title: qsTr("testapp")
        StackView {
            id: view
            anchors.fill: parent
            initialItem: view_ChoiseOffline
        Component {
            id: view_ChoiseOffline
            ChoiseOffline {}


    import 'JavaScript.js' as JS
    Item {
            id: parentObject
    	Component.onCompleted: { JS.testFromJS(); }
    	MouseArea {
    		id: mouseAreaID
    		anchors.fill: parent
    		function testFunction() { console.log("test passed"); }
    		onClicked: { testFunction(); }


    function testFromJS() {
        console.log("script inside JS works fine");    // this works fine
        testFunction();                                // this gives me error

    obviously caling testFunction() and JS.testFromJS() from QML works fine...
    however when I call the testFunction() from JS file gives the error:

    ReferenceError: testFunction is not defined

    i tried several options of calling it, like parentObject.testFunction() or even view.currentItem.testFunction() and view.currentItem.parentObject.testFunction() or view.currentItem.mouseAreaID.testFunction() but nothing works...

    Can I ask for advice how to call QML function form JS file?
    I just need to keep the function inside the ChoiseOffline.qml file, so moving it out to main.qml is not an option to me.

    Any help appriciated

  • Its not in the same scope. How would it even know it exists?
    Either pass the function or the object to the JS function:

    Component.onCompleted: { JS.testFromJS(mouseAreaID); }
    function testFromJS(obj) {

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