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Qt Visual Studio Add-in and Build Configurations

  • I have a need to create a third build configuration for the product I work on, in addition to the standard Debug and Release configurations. It seems that the VS Add-in has not created the generated files for the new configuration. All of my MOC file definitions still exist only for Debug and Build, and my rebuild is failing because something in one of those is out of date.

    In order for this additional configuration to be useful, I needed the VS project updates to be automatic; it can't be something that I have to go fuss with and fix all of the time.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you,

    [Update] If I remove/add Q_OBJECT from an include file, the new configuration gets added to the MOC file generated files, but it is not practical to do this for the many hundreds of include files. I can deal with a solution that involves a small operation per VS project, but it's not practical to touch all of the include files.

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