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QtWebEngine code crashing

  • We are using Qt 5.6.3 and we have integrated QtWebEngine. We have created a small Qt application to display HTML page. When we execute it on target (TI AM437X) application crashes with error as below

    ERROR:gl_surface_qt.cpp(477)] eglCreatePbufferSurface failed with error EGL_BAD_MATCH
    ERROR:gl_surface_qt.cpp(622)] Requested OpenGL platform is not supported.
    Illegal instruction

    We have Linux image and SDK build with Qt 5.6.3 along with opengl es2. We have removed X11 and Wayland from the image. Also ICU is not incorporated. We are able to build QtWebEngine and QtWebSockets without any error or warning. But the application throws error and doesn’t work.

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