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how to link two items in QtDesigner ?

  • hello, i'm working on a interface and i got this issue : i have my QTableView with a QPushButton next to it. i would like my QPushButton to follow the line of the QTableView he is alongside, because right size when i resize my window the QPushButton doesnt follow my tableview. see my screenshot here : Captouture.JPG

    does anyone have an idea ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Well, I think you set a fixed size on the spacer and that will not work when resizing the window.

    What you can do is to change the layout with the QTableViews to a Gridlayout. ( right-click it in the right side tree view and use the Layout menu to change it)
    Then move the buttons inside the grid layout with the Views. (delete the old layout where buttons were as we dont need it)

    Then on each button, right-click and change layout alignment to "TOP"

    alt text

    and it will resize like this. I hope its what you want :)
    alt text

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