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Text document with special inline characters

  • Hello,

    I am trying to implement a paginated document editor (similar to MS Word or LibreOffice) but which allows me to insert certain inline "special" characters. Nothing fancy so far.

    I am using the at the moment a QGraphicsTextItem and I am able to insert any kind of character and unicode symbols, which is good. However, and this is my question, is it possible to manipulate the offset of individual characters? For example, I need to inline insert a glyph which is displaced (similar to how an accent might be displaced so that it fits on top of the previous character). But I want the character to be painted with a displacement correction sometimes, so that it fits nicely inline with the rest of the text, i.e. it is painted at the same height and within its own bounds, ignoring the displacement coded by design.

    Is it possible to achieve character paint offsets using QGraphicsTextItem or other equivalent Qt technologies?

    Best regards,
    Alexandru N. Onea

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