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QML plugin using Ahead of Time compiler

  • Hi,

    I'm facing an issue when trying to compile my QML plugin with QuickCompiler. I have a few QML plugin with reusable component. Up to now I wasn't building the QML and using the qmlcache to build QML at run time. Now I want to use the QuickCompiler in order to build everything on my CI. For that I update my CMake to have:

    qtquick_compiler_add_resources(RESOURCES qml.qrc)

    And then

    add_executable(... ${RESOURCES })

    All the compilation work well. I see that all file that should be compiled are compiled correctly. When starting I see that even although I have built all QML I see that the qmlcache is regenerating making me think that the compiled QML is not used at all. I tried to move all QML in the executable (not using QML plugin), in this case it's working correctly (no qmlcache created). But as soon as I try to load QML from a plugin, the qmlcache is generated.

    I have the feeling that I miss something when loading the QML plugin. Has anyone already used QuickCompiler in a QML plugin ?

    Thank you for your help

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