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Re-Occuring problem when using QX11EmbedContainer::embedClient()

  • Re: Problem with successive attempts to embed external app in QT Widget

    Hi All,

    Qt Version: 4.7.1 - Old but I am constrained to it
    OS: Linux Kubuntu 14

    When using QX11EmbedContainer::embedClient(WId) I experience the following issue:
    The application is embedded with some offset from the bottom of the container widget.

    If I manually resize the main window of the application (by double clicking the upper frame) and press the "restore" button on the top right of the main window (to bring it back to full size) , magically the embedded application fits properly in the QX11EmbedContainer* container object.

    I tried to solve this problem by calling: container->resize(random width, random height)
    immediately after the embedClient() call. It didn't help

    Has anyone got an idea how this may be solved?
    Best Regards

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