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Qt doesn't recognize bluetooth

  • Hi,

    after 7 days I installed qtmobility and it works with my mac:)
    ..but Qt doesn't recognize my internal bluetooth adapter, although bulding and running without errors(app can be launched, but it is useless because bt is not recognized).

    How to enable bluetooth in Qt?

    I did this:

    @address(new QBluetoothAddress("ZZ:ZZ:XX:VV:D7:57"));
    localDevice(new QBluetoothLocalDevice(*address));@

    and then when I check value of localDevice:

    @qDebug()<<localDevice->address().toString(); //on screen appears 00:00:00:00:00:00 instead of ZZ:ZZ:XX:VV:D7:57@

  • You don't mention the version you are using, I will assume 1.2.1.

    QtConnectivity (and hence bluetooth connectivity) is not supported on the OSX platform. It is supported on the linux operating system.

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