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Qt Creator is blocked while compiling and parsing C++ files at the same time

  • Hi all,

    I am using Windows 10 with Qt 5.15.2 (MSVC 2019) and the Qt Creator 4.14.2

    It looks like the Qt Creator is getting worse and worse.
    Every time I start compiling and the Creator starts to parse the C ++ files at the same time, everything that has to do with Qt hangs. The Creator is blocked until the compiler has finished. When the Qt Creator is blocked due to compiling, nothing else can be started, even not the Qt Linguist from Explorer for example. Qt (Creator, Linguist, ...) can only be used normally when the compiler has finished.

    When I kill the Qt Creator process I get a message when restarting that the CppTools does not worked properly.

    I have already deleted the Qt Creator profile directory. But that did not help.

    Does anyone have an idea?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi @stvokr,

    Not a solution, just a confirmation.

    I did not noticed the extreme problems you have, but regularly Creator hangs for a handful seconds.

    Press Ctrl+K to open locator... wait wait wait... locator opens. That is with 4.15-beta2. I have a Qt 5.15.2 with MSVC build tools 2019 also.

    But on Linux: it runs smooth as always.

    As it also happens for you after cleaning your configuration (which I did not, too much setup work afterwards), I'd suggest you file a bug at - and please post a link here so we can follow and comment on that bug.


  • Thanks for your confirmation.


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