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What is/was QGuiApplication::setFallbackSessionManagementEnabled ?

  • I'm would like to know what
    actually did, and why it is not available with Qt6. (At least, I do not have it in my verion).
    I removed it from my code, and it worked (up to now fine -> just in case that I get an error: it would be useful to know what it was).

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Right from the commit that removed it:

    Remove "fallback session management"
        With the Qt6 compatibility break, it can finally be removed.
        Closing windows (which might quit the application with
        quitOnLastWindowClosed() true, the default) acted contrary to the
        documentation of the commitDataRequest() signal, which could have
        been a hint.
        This removes the workaround API from the fix for QTBUG-49667 and
        also removes the problematic feature that it worked around.

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