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Cmake and Qt

  • Hello,

    After a lot of trying I can't use Qt via cmake.
    Here is the error message:

    CMake Warning at C:/Qt/6.0.3/msvc2019_64/lib/cmake/Qt6/Qt6Config.cmake:90 (find_package):
    1> [CMake] Found package configuration file:
    1> [CMake]
    1> [CMake] C:/Qt/6.0.3/msvc2019_64/lib/cmake/Qt6Widgets/Qt6WidgetsConfig.cmake
    1> [CMake]
    1> [CMake] but it set Qt6Widgets_FOUND to FALSE so package "Qt6Widgets" is considered
    1> [CMake] to be NOT FOUND. Reason given by package:
    1> [CMake]
    1> [CMake] The following imported targets are referenced, but are missing: Qt6::Core
    1> [CMake] Qt6::Gui Qt6::CorePrivate Qt6::GuiPrivate

    I tried via C: \ Qt \ 6.0.3 \ mingw81_64 but I still get the same error ...

    Thank you

  • Seems like you are mixing compilers. What are you using to compile your program?

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