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How to run "Network chat client example" in QT demos ?

  • Hi,
    I need some help on network chat example.I am using RedHat and Qt 4.7.3.While building this application it is giving the following error
    undefined reference for vtable of chatdialog
    undefined reference for vtable of client
    undefined reference for vtable of server
    undefined reference for vtable of peermanager

    Can anyone tell me how to rectify this or how can i run this on my environment.


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    Did you run moc on the corresponding source files?

  • I am using eclipse so just make the application.
    Yestrday strange thing happened I removed and downloaded again the application and import the .pro file,then make the application again and now its working corectly but when I gave the command ./network-chat
    GUI comes up along with the pop up
    "Launch another instances on local network and start chatting"
    I am using two terminal for chatting and on both machines same pop up is coming and chatting is also not happening

    Please tell me what changes i have to do.

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