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QtWebEngine / QML module not found (but installed)

  • Hello, I installed QtWebEngine 5.15.1 but none of the tutorials that use it seem to work. I get a "QML module not found (QtWebEngine)" error shown below. Do I need to build something after installing the WebEngine? I've tried rebooting, and ensured that QT += webengine is in my project file. Are there special build requirements on the build kit?


  • @amess Note: That QtCreator is compiled with Qt5 does not imply that your project uses Qt5, check that you are really using the version you indicate. Also many times QtCreator gives false positives, have you tried to run your application?

  • Hmm, migrated to 5.15.2 from 5.15.0 and it started to work .. both used MSVC2019_64bit .. not really sure what happened but I'm moving forward now. Thanks.

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