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Qt5 QtQuick Design Mode Crashes

  • Hello,
    I have been using Qt5 Designer with Qt quick and Qt widgets about 3 months now on.Yesterday while I was using qt Designer with qt quick file,I have implemented a new ui.qml file manually.(Stack Widget Application) But when ı tried to open the file,it crashed.After that ı wont even be able to open Design menu on Qt.

    I can access Design Menu while using Qt Widget Application Forms.
    But when I tried to open an Qt Quick app and click Design,Qt5 Crashes.

    I had purged every qt5 dependency and used maintenance tool reinstalled qt5 2 times but still nothing changed.

    Lately 1 week ago ı had installed qt5opensource package to different path and ./configure the package to use it.I am concerning about accidentally may changed qt5 global path,and don't know how to check it.

    Also a new information,I can see Qt Creator in Linux application menu to open,but can't see Qt 3D Studio Or Designer app even though ı knew,ı installed the apps.

    I am kinda new to Qt Environment and Linux OS.Any help appreciated.

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