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Random graphical artefacts on QT 5.14 with OpenGL on Intel HD graphics

  • Hello,

    I am currently trying to fix a Qt/QML OpenGL problem that can be observed with Intel HD Graphics on Windows 10. Sporadically, a black triangle is drawn across the whole window (usually completely diagonal with varying 3rd vertex position). It disappears shortly after, especially after the uses moves the mouse. This is very annoying during user interaction.

    I attached a screenshot. Has anyone had a similar problem or knows how to fix it?


    The problem appeared after upgrading from an old Intel driver (26.20.100) to a recent one (27.20.100). We are currently using Qt 5.14.0 and the latest Visual Studio 2019. When trying out an old build (Visual Studio 2013) with Qt 5.9.2, the problem cannot be reproduced. When using the angle backend, no problems can be observed (but performance is very slow). On computers with dedicated graphics cards, there is also no problem.

    System specs:

    QT: 5.14.0
    Dynamic GL LibGL Vendor: Intel
    Renderer: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 (also reproducible on the 6xx series)
    Version: 4.6.0 - Build

    Thanks for any suggestions for how to address this,

  • @Matthias-St said in Random graphical artefacts on QT 5.14 with OpenGL on Intel HD graphics:

    Qt 5.14.0

    Have you tested it with 5.15?
    It's the latest Qt5 stable version and a lot of stuff / bugs got fixed there (if this is a Qt issue).

  • @Matthias-St Does this "Random graphical artefacts" appear when you run your application?

  • @Pl45m4 Hi, thank you for your reply. I updated to the latest 5.15 version but nothing improved. I could not find any QT release notes that appear to address this issue either.

  • @nagesh Yes, they appear when I run the application. The frequency of artefacts increases when the application renders more data (we basically draw frequently updating plots)

  • @Matthias-St I guess there might be problem with application drawing(some co-ordinate calculation). Try to draw the plots in fixed position and check whether these artefacts do appear?

  • @ Matthias-St
    I also had a similar situation

  • I maybe found a solution by enabling the new Rendering Interface in Qt 5.15. So far, there were no issues after executing the following line of code very early in the main function:


    This does not yet mean that the problems are gone, but it's a way I will now test out on other machines to see if this really works (and does not break anything else).

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