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Rectangle covering Page header?

  • Hi,

    I'm making a custom modal dialog widget. The normal Dialog won't work because we don't want the title-bar and we want more control over the look and feel. My screen is a Page with a header, some content, and then a Rectangle that is visible: false, color: "#85000000", z: 80, anchors.fill: parent, and mouse area to trap clicks. The modal behavior is working but I can't get the rectangle to cover the Page's header. Is there a way to get a Rectangle to cover the Page's header?


  • Post your code :)

  • @christofer That is because the Rectangle is parented to the content area.

    either you can create your own custom Popup instead of the Rectangle


    set the Rectangle's parent as parent: Overlay.overlay

    Ref: Overlay

    Overlay provides a layer for popups, ensuring that popups are displayed above other content and that the background is dimmed when a modal or dimmed popup is visible.
    The overlay is an ordinary Item that covers the entire window. It can be used as a visual parent to position a popup in scene coordinates.

  • @Mammamia Thank you! This is exactly what I was missing.

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