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QProcess - Processing output in asynchronous signals

  • I use a QProcess object along with the asynchronous signals to process data continously. I start my QProcess using start and when readyReadStandardOutput is received, I do lengthy processing inside the associated slot but I've noticed that this causes the GUI to hang/block during this processing.

    How can I process data without blocking the GUI when I get the readyReadStandardOutput signal?

    Some psuedocode

    Task task;
    void Task::asyncProcess()
    QObject::connect(&m_process, &QProcess::readyReadStandardOutput, this, [this]()
          // Length processing in here which causes GUI to block

  • @Nubcake execute the "Length processing" in another thread

  • @eyllanesc Do you mean run QProcess inside a QThread and use the synchronous signals instead?

  • @Nubcake at present "lengthy processing" is done in the main/GUI thread context.
    Which is causing the GUI to block. Offload the processing part to another thread as suggested by @eyllanesc.

    create the new thread instance and move the "task" object to that thread using moveToThread.

  • @Nubcake No, QProcess does not block anything, what blocks is the processing (the "Length processing") that you do of the output. That part run it in a new thread using QtConcurrent.

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