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Qt3D 6.0.2 on Windows using MinGW 8.1.0

  • Hello all,

    I am experiencing a strange problem when trying to compile Qt3D 6.0.2. I am using the MinGW 8.1.0 compiler conveniently supplied with Qt. I installed all depencies (Vulkan SDK, OpenSSL, and Perl). The compilation as such succeeded and I got all of the DLLs:

    C:\Qt\6.0.2\mingw81_64\bin>dir Qt63D*.dll
     Volume in drive C is Windows
     Volume Serial Number is xxxx-xxxx
     Directory of C:\Qt\6.0.2\mingw81_64\bin
    12.03.2021  10:17         1,370,252 Qt63DAnimation.dll
    12.03.2021  09:43         1,261,206 Qt63DCore.dll
    12.03.2021  10:11         1,544,460 Qt63DExtras.dll
    12.03.2021  09:46         1,129,967 Qt63DInput.dll
    12.03.2021  09:43           196,690 Qt63DLogic.dll
    12.03.2021  10:18           610,793 Qt63DQuick.dll
    12.03.2021  10:25           208,899 Qt63DQuickAnimation.dll
    12.03.2021  10:23           377,370 Qt63DQuickExtras.dll
    12.03.2021  10:24           183,885 Qt63DQuickInput.dll
    12.03.2021  10:20           550,844 Qt63DQuickRender.dll
    12.03.2021  10:22           251,139 Qt63DQuickScene2D.dll
    12.03.2021  10:06         6,123,165 Qt63DRender.dll
                  12 File(s)     13,808,670 bytes
                   0 Dir(s)  533,357,686,784 bytes freeode_text

    Compiling the basic shapes 3D example was also successful. Anyhow, trying to execute the program (from within QtCreator) yielded the following error message:

    13:00:45: Starting C:\Qt\Examples\Qt-5.9.7\qt3d\basicshapes-cpp\release\basicshapes-cpp.exe ...
    Unable to find renderer plugin for opengl
    13:00:46: The program has unexpectedly finished.
    13:00:46: The process was ended forcefully.
    13:00:46: C:\Qt\Examples\Qt-5.9.7\qt3d\basicshapes-cpp\release\basicshapes-cpp.exe crashed.

    Taking a look inside the respective plugins directory reveals that the plugins where not built correctly (only .a and .prl files, but no DLLs):

     Volume in drive C is Windows
     Volume Serial Number is xxxx-xxxx
     Directory of C:\Qt\6.0.2\mingw81_64\plugins\renderers
    12.03.2021  10:55    <DIR>          .
    12.03.2021  10:55    <DIR>          ..
    12.03.2021  10:49       127,890,310 libopenglrenderer.a
    12.03.2021  10:52        82,535,202 librhirenderer.a
    12.03.2021  10:43             1,020 openglrenderer.prl
    12.03.2021  10:49             1,094 rhirenderer.prl
                   4 File(s)    210,427,626 bytes
                   2 Dir(s)  533,356,797,952 bytes free

    Am I missing something here, or might I have just come across a bug?

    Many thanks in advance!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    There's something strange indeed.

    It seems they have been built statically.

    How did you build Qt3D ?

  • Hi,

    thanks for your reply. I built Qt3D according to the HowTo ( More specifically I opened the appropriate Qt MinGW 8.1.0 command prompt and entered the following command line:

    conan.exe install qt3d/6.0.2@qt/final --build=missing --profile=C:/Qt/Tools/Conan/profiles/qt-6.0.2-mingw81_64 -s build_type=Release -g cmake_paths -g=cmake -g deploy

    I did not encounter any anomalies during the build process and it seemed to finish successfully. Might one of the dependencies cause such a strange behavior (e.g. OpenSSL)?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    No that looks fine. Using static dependencies does not automatically trigger a static library creation.

    It's seems to be a bug indeed.

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