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Plastique Style color depends on color scheme (WinXP)

  • Hello!

    On Windows 7, Plastique color is blue. Dont know on which setting it depends there.
    On Windows XP, it seems to depend on the color scheme (silver, blue, olive).

    Is there any way to set a consistent color for the plastique style without too much complexity?
    If not, is there any way to retrieve that color value?


  • You know, I mean the hover color for buttons, or the styledShape color for line edits, or the color of selected items in views and such. Its all blue on Win7 and silver on WinXP.

  • Ok one way I found is to serialize qApplication.palette() to a file one time, then load it on every startup and qApplication.setPalette(pal).
    Is this the way to go? Seems to work...

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