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Starting for scratch - tutorial ?

  • My last QtCreator download is missing anything "debug".
    Now after using QtCreator for few months I came to realize that there is no real HOW to implement QtCreator.
    And I do not care to hear about "Qt is library"
    I am talking about "QtCreator - IDE .
    Hopefully it is not necessary to spell IDE here.

    Here is a challenge to y'all

    Tho implement / be able to USE QtCreator IDE one has to download at minimum
    " Qt " (creator?)
    which at the "finish" asks to start "QtCreator" hence it MUST be a download of "QtCreator"

    "Qt Maintenance tool"
    which apparently is a duplicate of "QtCreator ->Tools -> Options " (??)

    After installing both of these "downloads" one is advised to carefully check ALL tools-> options.
    Especially the very descriptive "kit(s) " (?)

    YES- options refers / can link to "Qt" maintenance tool .

    I would go out on limb and say any serious additions to the above would be very helpful.

    I personally like to see some form of explanation of "Qt" numbering / versioning scheme.
    For example "off line installer " now loads 6.0.2 BUT the NUMBER is still same as was for 6.0.1.

    Then one can currently "Qt" download 6.0.2 , but there is a question posted about 6.1. (?)
    (Who is on first ?)

    Start here
    Allegedly off line installer load s both Qt Library and Qt Creator

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