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using scaling within ColumnLayouts

  • Hi all -

    I have a QML screen that uses a column layout:

        ColumnLayout {
            spacing: root.gridSpacing
            anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter
            Label { ... }
            Rectangle {
                height: 197
                width: 326
                transform: Scale {xScale: 2.0; yScale: 2.0}
                Layout.alignment: Qt.AlignHCenter }
            ConsumableCancelDoneRow { ... }

    If I omit the scaling, my display looks like this:

    ...which is essentially correct, except I want the rectangle to be larger. But...I don't want to just make it larger; its size is given to me, along with 16 other rectangles that will fit into this one, and I'd rather not re-calculate all of them manually.

    When I use the transform: Scale directive above, my display looks like this:

    Is there a better way to resize this rectangle without undoing my other settings?


  • I've worked around this issue with this hack:

    Rectangle {
      property var scaleFactor: 1.5
      id: rack
      height: 197 * scaleFactor
      width: 495 * scaleFactor
      Bottle {
        id: bottle1
        cellX: 25
        cellY: 105
        cellHeight: 75
        cellWidth: 75
        bottleScaleFactor: scaleFactor

    The Bottle.qml does the same thing with its factor as does the rack.

    This fixes the problem, but I'd still be interested in hearing about more elegant solutions.

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