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How to notify something outside if the module is loaded by loader

  • Hi all

    I want to check param from one module loaded by loader when it's active.

    For example, I want to show a window loaded by loader after the splash finished(visible: false)

    QtObject {
        id: root
        property QtObject splashScreen: Splash{
            id: splash
        property var loader: Loader{
            source: "qrc:/MainWIndow.qml"
            asynchronous: true
            active: false
            loader.active = true;

    Also, I want to communicate between Splash and Mainwindow, what should I do?


  • Put Splash inside MainWindow.qml and have that file control when the Splash is shown.
    Add property to MainWindow.qml.

    You could do this in one file:

    Component {
      id: customMainWindow
      MainWindow {
        loader: true  // add this property to MainWindow
        Splash {
        // add custom splash logic as needed
    Loader {
      sourceComponent: customMainWindow

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