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windeployqt debug issue with VS2019 /ZI Edit and continu enabled

  • Hello,

    If I compile my project in debug with Edit and continu enabled (/ZI) with VS 2019, the windeployqt.exe will either copy the release plugin binaries (with an error when loading qml because of incompatibility between release and debug) or, if --debug is specified, it will append a "d" to the dll names and fail to copy Qt5Coredd.dll, Qt5Guidd.dll etc because they don't exist.

    It only happens when the /ZI option is enabled.

    Edit: Using Qt 5.15.2, didn't try with Qt 6

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Deploying debug libs is not suported (and deploying the msvc debug runtimes is not allowed by MS). Only deploy release binaries.

  • "deploying" (aka file copy) debug qt libs is supported as it is a parameter of the tool, and why are you talking about MS debug runtime exactly ? I am talking about Qt binaries copied from the qt bin dir to my project bin dir ...

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