QSG Node and QQuickItem batches

  • Icreated a "QQuickItem" with the flag "ItemHasContents" as true. It therefore allows me to access the rendering via QSGNode.

    This QQuickItem will be instantiated approximately 1000 times and they are children of another QQuickItem to display them within the same view.

    I can display my QSGGeometryNode elements with custom shaders.

    I don't have a problem with this but now that everything is working, I would like to optimize my software.

    I performed a fairly simple test to have 2 QSGGeometryNode child of my QQuickItem node with this test I get around 500 batches. If I put only one of the 2 info can be whatever, I have about 80 batches for my rendering.

    In my opinion, I should have at most 160 batches which is not the case at all, do you have any idea of ​​the problem?