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Qmake subdirs project: Continue building beyond first error?

  • I'm not sure whether this is a qmake or make thing, but I hope you'd know either way:

    I have a subdirs project with multiple sub-project, some of them dependent on each other, some not. All but the final project are static libs. They are linked together in the final "main" project that produces the executable.

    When a compile error occurs, build stops immediately. Is there a way to have the build process continue, at least with those projects that do not depend on the project where the error occurred? It's often tedious to fix bugs one at a time, especially since different people work on different of the projects.

  • This is not a qmake problem, but the problem of the build tool qmake generates files for. If you are using make, @make -k@ or @make -ki@ is what you are looking for.

  • That was what I needed.


  • PS: A simple "Thanks" seems to be too short for a posting. Had the error message wording be any better, you would have gotten it right away.

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