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Sample C /C++ code for "SUBDIRS" ?

  • https://wiki.qt.io/SUBDIRS_-_handling_dependencies

    After RTFM above I have some understanding how make/ qmake manipulates the individual projects. Now I need to put the projects together in code and I am kind-of stuck. I feel the best way is to have "lead dog " main project (window) with calls to subprojects .
    In C terminology - include / define a function so the main can work with it.
    How do I implement similar scheme in SUBDIRS ?

    In very rudimentary words:

    include sub-project
    include sub-project

    (run) main project

    I could just add sub-project files to main project but that would defeat the whole SUBDIRS concept.

    Any hint will be appreciated.

    Any opposing views ?

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