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Using LGPL Qt and purchasing only one package.

  • Hello,

    currently I am using Qt under LGPL license. In my company we provide some solutions for our users that are for free, but we'd rather keep our code close. The thing is that I want to use QtCharts in my projects, as it is not under LGPL I would like to purchase it. So here are my questions:

    1. Is it possible to use all the Qt framework and tools under LGPL and to purchase explicitly only one package?
    2. If I want to use it for a release that I will make this year, should I buy it the next year too? Could I continue distribute the already done solution with payed library without purchasing it again and again every year? In other words - is it possible to purchase the package, to do the job and to distribute the ready app next years without purchasing the package again?

    Thank you in advance!

  • @Rufledore

    This is a user-driven forum. Your questions related to licensing are very specific and can be answered only by customer department of QT.

    You shall ask them the questions. They re the only ones being able to tell you the exact details and if they are willing to give you a special license.

  • @Rufledore just in case, have you looked at Qwt library?
    It may provide some useful charting capabilities, and it's LGPL licensed.

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