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[SOLVED]Checked and disabled

  • I got a tableview and in one of the columns there are a chk box.
    When the user "checks " this box I would like to set the chkbox ->setEnabled(false).
    I have tried but no solution for the moment.

    If anyone know how or just give a little hint I would be happy.

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    If you gave us a little more details we would be happy, too :)

    Right now, as I do not know anything about your code/ your attempts, I'll just give a vague hint that might help: use QCheckBox::stateChanged() signal. Connect a slot to it and put your disabling code there.

  • Are you looking for QAbstractItemModel::flags()? Especially the enabled flag?

  • Here is some code
    I Save the rows in a QVector and when the user peresses a button this code executes
    for (int i = 0; i < selectedToAck.size(); ++i)
    row =; //Rownumber
    index = model->indexFromItem(model->item(row,4));//Get the columndatat
    model->setData(index,"No",Qt::DisplayRole); //Changes the text in the column

    //Changes the color of the items
    for (int j = 0;j < colCount;j++)
    model->setData(model->index(index.row(),j), grey, Qt::ForegroundRole);

    //Here is the place where I want to set the item enabled == false
    if (j == colCount-1)
    }//for j@

    This is not all of the code in the method but it's the part that belongs to my problem

  • What model do you use?
    It depends on the model how you can control the enabled flag. If you use [[doc:QStandardItemModel]], you can use QStandardItem::setFlags(), but if you use another type of model, it depends.

  • I use QStandardItem model

  • So, does using setFlags() work for you?

  • Solution in a simple way

    @QStandardItem *itm = model->itemFromIndex(model->index(index.row(),j));

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