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QML WebView deleting cookies

  • Re: QML webview delete cookies

    Hi all, i am new to the Qt forum,so prior apologies for any inconsistent post standards.
    I am having a very similar problemt as mentioned in the Forum page above. To brief, i am using Qt 5.15 and developing an Android application to show a signin webpage page on QML Webview. Once the user logs in any webview session, the cookies are retained from the page (and maybe the page itself in the cache) and any further calls to the webpage return same session response values and the page doesn't load at all.
    I tried using Javascript, Dynamic Loading of Webview and even clearComponentCache() from the QQMLEngine but nothing seems to work.
    Since, it is a very basic need for client side browser settings do we have any clean way of doing the same.

    P.S: if i tried to implement the first solution mentioned in the abovbe post and on android, i am getting an error:
    "E chromium: [] Cookie sqlite error 1032, errno 0: attempt to write a readonly database"
    I tried changing the QFile::Permissions but in vain.

    Anobody who can point me in the right direction, Please help!! Thanks in advance.

  • @QCharacter. Hello. Have you solve this problem?

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