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How to create "Plain C++ Project"

  • I have installed Qt Creator 2.4.0 and now I'm trying to create a simple C++ project. The last step in the wizard tells me to "add a Qt version in Tools/Options..." so I can't really click Finish before that. This seems very strange since the description for Plain C++ Project says "Creates a plain C++ project using qmake, not using Qt library."

  • This is because the project is still configured in a .pro file and qmake is needed to create makefiles out of it. The Qt version also determines which compiler/toolchain to use.

  • I found a way around this by creating a project using CMake and then opening it using Qt Creator. But it would be nice if Qt Creator could actually create a simple project by itself or using CMake if it's configured.

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    As volker already said: Qt Creator uses qmake as the build system for its projects by default. Qmake is bundled with a Qt version. The plain C++ project thus asks about a Qt version (for its qmake), but will not link against any of the Qt libraries.

    Note that cmake support is not as good as qmake support in Qt Creator. E.g. there is no way for us to find headers when using cmake and there are other limitations as well.

    Patches to improve cmake support in Qt Creator are of course welcome.

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