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Qt / Eclipse Integration for OSX (lion) missing

  • Hello there,

    I am quite surprised that a Qt/Eclipse integration plugin for OSX is simply MISSING
    from this page:

    Has anybody managed to get the plugin working in OSX?
    I just attempted to compile from the linux64 sources but it's complaining:

    ata2 % pluto ~/Desktop/qt-eclipse-integration-linux.x86_64-1.6.1: export QTDIR=/Users/ata2/Developer/QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/474/gcc/
    ata2 % pluto ~/Desktop/qt-eclipse-integration-linux.x86_64-1.6.1: ./
    Checking environment...
    Need Qt version 4.6.1 to build this package - wrong QTDIR variable?

    Any suggestion?
    Considering the XCode integration of Qt is also not properly working...

  • Mac OS is not a supported platform for the Eclipse Integration. This is because the vast majority of developers are either using Qt Creator or XCode and it's a huge effort to support a new platform, because the communication with eclipse highly depends on the platform (ActiveX on windows, XEmbed on Linux), so OS X was never supported. Not sure if it's feasible.

  • You say most use XCode, yet... when I tried to generate a xcodeproj from the qmake files xcode wasn't able to open them at all.

    Plus, it's kind of an hustle to add/remove classes as you have to re-generate the full frigging project every time.. or am I mistaken?


  • Recent versions of X-Code have changed the format of the xcodeproj files. There is a fix by Digia, which is not yet part of the Nokia release of Qt 4.8. Qt Commercial 4.8 has the patch included. For now you will need to apply the patch ( manually against Qt.

  • [quote author="tallia1" date="1324373784"]You say most use XCode [/quote]

    No. The statement was

    bq. [...] the vast majority of developers are either using Qt Creator or XCode [...]

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