QtRemoteObject .rep file with nested CLASS attributes

  • I am using QtRemoteObject, so I need to create a .rep file for my use case which looks similar to the one provided here. I am trying to find:

    1. I wanted to know if the following .rep file a valid one?
      There is very little documentation that I could find.

    2. When I create this .rep file and change the 'layer_1_0->layer_2_0->testData' parameter then 'layer_1_1->layer_2_0->testData' parameter is also changed. This looks weird. I doubt if QtRemoteObject is using singleton pattern internally maybe causing this (this is my guess, I may be wrong)

    Kindly provide any suggestion or ideas.

    class SubClass_2 {
        PROP(int testData=0 READPUSH);
    class SubClass_1 {
        CLASS layer_2_0(SubClass_2);
        CLASS layer_2_1(SubClass_2);
    class root {
        CLASS layer_1_0(SubClass_1);
        CLASS layer_1_1(SubClass_1);

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