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Child Element of SplitView overriding SplitView functionality

  • I have a SplitView that contains a Camera object that is larger than the actual SplitView (it's a scene that supports panning) and when the Camera object is larger than the SplitView it makes the SplitView bar become disabled but still visible despite the fact that the Camera object is "behind" the SplitView. Any thoughts?

    SplitView {

        id: splitView 
        orientation: Qt.Horizontal
        width: parent.width
        height: parent.height
        Rectangle {
            Layout.fillWidth: true
            Layout.fillHeight: true
            SplitView.preferredWidth: parent.width * 0.80
            SplitView.minimumWidth: parent.width * 0.50
            Camera {    
                width: 10000
                height: 10000
                x: -((width - parent.width)/2)
                y: -((height - parent.height)/2)


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