Application hangs until i press "Enter" key in the console

  • Hello,
    I have a Qt application running on windows 10
    It is a Qt5.15.0 program and i build it using and mingw81_64
    My probleme is that sometimes my applications hangs after a user interaction (example : user clicks a button).

    It is a debug build of my application and it has a console wondow, after the ui hands, if i switch to the console window and press "Enter" key on keyboard, i see tons of output ( my qDebug() statements, console.log() ) printed, and application starts responding again directly.

    Is this something known?
    Does this come from the fact that i have too meny output messages ?


  • Hello!

    Can you show the qDebug() output? Also, your app could hang because main GUI blocks due to heavy working process. Adding heavy stuff to threads could free the main GUI thread, which means your main window will respond faster. It depends on what exactly your app does when a user clicks a button.

  • @Cobra91151 hi
    Thank you for your input

    You are right, my ui hangs because of 2 javascript for loops in one of my qml files.

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