QTcpServer/Socket remain connected while client dies

  • Hey

    This is "fun"... I have client, server test app, and when I terminate either client. The server side tcpSocket does not die/notify me of disconnection.

    When I check the socket.state() I always get ConnectedState. Even 5 min after I killed other app& socket. How can I "properly" test if the socket is really connected? Or how can I configure timeout for socket ?
    I have done this to my socket when I accepted the connection

            clientConnection = self.socketServer.nextPendingConnection()
            socket = QTcpSocket()
            socket.setSocketOption(QAbstractSocket.KeepAliveOption, 1) # apparently has to be done before connection was made on it for windows...
            socket.setSocketOption(QAbstractSocket.KeepAliveOption, 1) # just to be sure...

    That socket never tells me it dies and always has connectedState... sigh.

  • Solved.
    For some reason one of my QThread workers send a message on socket and did not post it to Socket thread... that caused it to internally "crash" without telling any1 about it and thus became "broken" internally. Once I posted it to correct thread everything started to work again... sigh! :- )

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