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Network Error while downloading... Server replied: Not Found

  • Hello, while Qt Online installer retrieve the metadata from the remote repo, it outputs this error:

    [298956] Warning: Network error while downloading ' 2020-12-03-0501_meta.7z ': Error transferring - server replied: Not Found.

    I'm trying to install it on ubuntu 20

  • Hello,

    I've also the same problem : when I try to install Qt on Windows (in a CircleCI workflow), sometimes the operation stops and a "Network error while downloading" message appears. But sometimes, it doesn't and the installation completes... It seems the problem is more recurring the last few days. I know that the last 4.0.1-1 online installer CLI has a --mirror option but I'm not convinced this will resolve this issue.

  • I've got the same problem to.
    Use the installer CLI as explained here and try the mirror
    It worked for me

  • It worked for me too, thanks !

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